St Andrews Sunbury Kindergarten and Community Tree Warmer Project.


June 30, 2020

The St Andrews Sunbury Kindergarten Tree Warmer project launched in April to realise our mission and commitment to encouraging children, families and other community members to come together and integrate with their community.

The initiative was born from a discussion with the children about a large pine tree and how to keep it warm during the winter.

Inspired by the ‘Street Life’ community event, the children and staff were spurred to create a colourful blanket for the tree using a large donation of wool they had received.

Excited to get the community involved, they extended the idea to the children’s families, the Uniting Church congregation, Sunbury Library’s Monday knitting club and our local drop-in centre.

“Our intention is to teach children how to interact with the wider community, observe and enjoy the combined efforts of a community working towards a project and feel a sense of pride and ownership in their kindergarten environment,” Educational Leader at St Andrews Sunbury Kindergarten, Angela Dance said.

“This is also a wonderful opportunity to enhance the involvement of our families.”

Jeanette, who volunteers at the local drop-in centre, was a proud participant in the project.

“Seeing the squares sewn together and put on the trees was just wonderful,” Jeanette said.

“It was a great visual representation of what can be achieved when a community comes together.”

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