Short-term care, life-long learning.

Balance your busy lifestyle with high-quality casual care.


Occasional care for children 0 -12 years old.

Life can be a juggling act, especially for families with busy schedules and commitments. Childcare needs may not always fit neatly into traditional schedules.

Occasional care is the flexible fit for households with busy lifestyles. With a variety of days or hours to suit your situation, occasional care is here for your family – whenever you need it.

What is occasional child care?

Occasional child care, also known as casual or short term care, offers the same high quality education as both our long day care and family day care options.

However, occasional childcare fits around your unique lifestyle. Whether you require childcare for just a few hours or a full day, our programs are designed to support your child’s learning while catering to your family’s needs.

Call on us when you have:

We’re here for you to help manage diverse routines or sudden disruptions. Enjoy peace of mind. You can focus on work, or pressing priorities, knowing your child is safe, secure and in a stimulating learning environment.

Your family is our focus

In all of our centres, our planning focuses on your child’s:


Our occasional care teams create physically safe, secure, and welcoming spaces for every child to play, learn and socialise.


Our highly qualified casual care educators offer supportive learning experiences based on the emotional, physical and psychological needs of every child.


Through our engaging and nurturing learning experiences, our short term care fosters children's development, ignites their interest, and unlocks their limitless potential.


Each occasional care daily plan includes a range of indoor and outdoor activities, designed
to spark curiosity and encourage children to explore their world.


Our goal is to create a sense of belonging for every child - and their family. We strive to help families feel connected to their community and create a safe place for children to connect.

Need care that’s short notice or short term?

Your child’s potential will be nurtured, no matter how long or short their stay with us may be. Experience the quality care that Uniting Vic.Tas’ occasional child care programs have to offer.

Find your nearest centre today, and discover how short term care can lead to lifelong learning.

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Whatever your family needs; we care

Before and After School Care – Time for fun, time with friends… and time to finish their homework.

Frequently asked questions

A flexible childcare service designed to meet the needs of parents and guardians who require short term, part time, or occasional child care.

It’s perfect for working parents, students, or anyone needing temporary childcare support.

Enrolling your child in occasional care is easy. Visit our expression of interest form on your closest childcare centre’s page and learn more about eligibility criteria, required documentation, and the enrolment process.

Operating hours vary depending on our locations. Depending on the program, we can offer morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. For specific availability and scheduling, please refer to the hours of operation for Briagolong Uniting Early Learning, Pilgrim Uniting Early Learning, or Warrnambool Uniting Early Learning.

Fee structures are location dependent. For specific cost structures, please refer to the ‘Program hours and fees’ section at Briagolong Uniting Early Learning, Pilgrim Uniting Early Learning, or Warrnambool Uniting Early Learning.

When bringing your child to occasional care, please pack essentials such as nappies, spare clothes, a labelled drink bottle, snacks, and any comfort items your child may need.

We provide a safe and nurturing environment, where your child’s wellbeing is our priority.

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