Kindergarten Inclusion Support (KIS)

Kindergarten Inclusion Support (KIS).

Providing inclusive resources for kindergartens to support all children to thrive.

What is Kindergarten Inclusion Support (KIS)?

Supporting children of all abilities.

The Kindergarten Inclusion Support (KIS) program enables kindergartens to be responsive to the individual abilities, interests and needs of children living with a disability, developmental delay or complex medical needs.

The program provides resources for educators to deliver an inclusive program for children with additional needs to support their learning and development.

We are the largest provider of the Victorian Government’s KIS program.

KIS programs

KIS programs provide all children with genuine opportunities to access and participate in kindergarten programs.

KIS programs include:

How KIS works

The KIS program includes:

Team approach and the role of Additional Assistants

All members of kindergarten teams contribute to the education of children in the group.

The benefits of a team approach are:

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for KIS programs, services need to demonstrate the following in their application:

A child must meet one of the following criteria:
In addition to at least one of the following:

Before starting an application, please read the KIS guidelines.

Resources and publications