Preschool Field Officers (PSFO)

Preschool Field Officers (PSFO).

Supporting teachers to help children thrive in their early education.

What are Preschool Field Officers (PSFO)?

Preschool Field Officers in Victoria.

The Preschool Field Officer (PSFO) program is a free service funded by the Victorian Government to help early learning teams support the inclusion of all children.

The program is for children with additional needs and/or experiencing vulnerabilities in funded three and four-year-old kindergarten and Early Start Kindergarten programs.

We are the largest provider of the Victorian Government’s PSFO program.

A PSFO can help children who need support with:

About the program

The PSFO program provides strategies and consultation to teaching teams to enhance inclusive practices.

Our PSFOs have a degree in early childhood education, a kindergarten teaching background and specialist experience working with children with additional needs.

Our PSFO program can be found in multiple Local Government Areas.

How the program works

The PSFO program focuses on a flexible approach to supporting inclusion through:

Resources and publications

The Uniting PSFO program received a Warrawong Grant, which was used to fund Yellow Ladybugs to create a series of videos for early childhood educators about the presentation and support needs of autistic girls attending early childhood education and care services. You can access the full playlist here.

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