Nurturing confident and creative learners

Confidence helps children thrive in relationships, learning and life.

Making learning fun.

We know that children learn best while they're playing, so we're passionate about making learning exciting. We create imaginative, caring and playful learning experiences that inspire children to build positive relationships and skills for life.

Explore, discover, delight.

Our educators craft exciting learning journeys encouraging children to flourish as individuals.

Delighting in sensory learning experiences, your child will explore playful spaces that arouse curiosity, inspire imagination and the spirit of adventure.

Here for families.

We work with parents and community to build programs that better support local families and their children.

Your child will connect with their friends, family, culture and community as they learn about themselves and the world around them.

Learning at home

Useful links and articles
There are many things you can do at home that can assist with your child’s growth, development and safety. The links below offer a wealth of tips and resources for all age groups.
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Skills for school. Learnings for life.
Exploration, discovery and adventure help your child learn by building social skills, challenging thinking and growing confidence. Along the way, we introduce children to values like respect and compassion, as well as creative expression, numbers, letters, and the environment. It’s all about building the right foundation to help them on their way to becoming well-rounded people.
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Child care

Taking the pressure off busy families.
We’re here for families when they need extra support and peace of mind during busy times. Our quality day care offers all the benefits of a kindergarten curriculum, with longer hours for parents who have work, have other regular commitments or require childcare beyond normal kindergarten session hours. We work with our community to ensure every child receives the best care and an opportunity to thrive.
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