About us

Uniting is a not-for-profit organisation that has been working alongside Australian communities for more than 100 years. Today, we are one of the largest providers of early learning services across Victoria and Tasmania.

Inclusive early learning

We believe in inclusive access to early learning for all children. We work with the Department of Education and Training to deliver a number of services to support children who have additional needs such as a disability or complex medical needs.

Kindergarten inclusion support

We run Kindergarten Inclusion Support programs in various parts of metropolitan Melbourne and across Victoria. This program supports kindergartens to care for and educate children with additional needs.

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Pre-school field officers

We also manage a Pre-School Field Officer program that provides support to government-funded kindergarten staff to work with children with additional needs. We do this in Victoria throughout the broader metropolitan Melbourne area.

Referral forms for the field officer program are available at your kindergarten.

Our diversity

As an organisation, we celebrate our diversity and welcome all people regardless of ethnicity, faith, age, disability, culture, language, gender identity or sexual orientation.

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as Australia’s First Peoples and as the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which we work. We welcome lesbian, gay, trans, gender diverse and intersex (LGBTIQ) people at our services. We pledge to provide inclusive and non-discriminatory services.

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Our guiding principles


Each child, their family and caregivers deserve to be: active participants in learning; influence the learning environment; and feel a sense of belonging in their community.

Child as citizen

We recognise each child as a citizen and value their rights in our services and in the wider community.


We actively support all children, families and caregivers to access opportunities to thrive and participate in society.


Learning is more than teaching. We create experiences and environments for all children to learn about themselves, other people and their world.


We strive for continuous improvement and take action to deliver consistently high-quality education and care.