Parent Portal

Since COVID-19 impacted our lives, the Parent Portal has expanded to support families with the provision of tools and resources for continuing early learning education at home. These links are found in the Learning from home section below.

The Parent Portal was designed to provide support to the Parent Partnership Groups with the information, tools and resources that will support their role to provide the structure to enable all families to actively contribute to their early learning experience and to create a link between the early childhood service and its local community.

The portal facilitates consistency of communications via ongoing access to the same set of information and tools pertinent to fulfilling their role. The set of information and tools will be reviewed periodically and updated and added to as required.

Learning from home

Find more information on Early Learning
There is a wealth of information, articles and links covering topics like your child's development, your child at home, tips for parents, disability and much more.
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Uniting Early Years

Information relating to Uniting and Early Years
Including newsletters, parent handbooks and parent partnerships
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Parent partnership groups

Documents to support your parent partnership groups
This section has a range of documents for reference and tools to assist you to have a successful year as the Parent Partnership Group for your early service.
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Fundraising and social events

Support your early learning centre's fundraising activities and social events.
As well as finding ideas and resources to help you arrange fabulous social events for families at your service and within your local community you'll also find all the necessary information, ideas and tools for fundraising acitvities.
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Ways to help

Support your Early Learning Centre
Families love to be connected and help woth thier children's activities - here are some ideas to make that happen.
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