Paynesville Uniting Kindergarten

Open day May 27. Call us to arrange a tour.

Established in 1974, Paynesville Uniting Kindergarten is located on quiet Langford Parade near CW Southon Reserve. We offer integrated 3 and 4 year old kindergarten, 4 days per week, in a lovely, natural, green environment.

Paynesville Kindergarten’s experienced team of educators consider each child’s strengths, needs and interests. Developing programs that are unique to each child, our programs are designed to reflect input from children and their families.

To showcase our facility we have created a 3-D Virtual Tour with a dollhouse view and a highlight reel.


Our kindergarten features:

  • Planned and intentional indoor spaces
  • Large outdoor space
  • Sand pit
  • Mud pit
  • Trees and natural shade
  • Gardening beds for herbs and vegetables
  • Pergola
  • Shade sail
  • Play area with climbing equipment
  • Swings
  • Bicycle track
  • Recycling area to encourage sustainability and caring for the environment
  • Cubby house
  • Gross motor play equipment for activities such as climbing, skipping, throwing and catching
  • Water tank.

Our spacious indoor and outdoor areas provide many opportunities for free play and exploration. There are trees for climbing, a rolling hill, bike track and swings, climbing frames, a large sandpit, a boat and an enchanted garden. We also have fruit and vegetable gardens that the children help to tend.

Learning Experiences

We strive to include lessons on sustainability and environmental awareness in all our activities, strengthening your child’s connection to their surroundings and community.

  • We encourage recycling
  • We promote sustainable living and encourage children to develop every day sustainable practises
  • We take excursions that encourage children to care for the environment around them.

Throughout the year we receive special visitors and guest speakers who educate and entertain the children about a wide variety of topics including:

  • A local shire employee talking about recycling
  • A local business owner teaching about responsible dog ownership
  • Visits from the Melbourne Museum outreach program
  • The Music Man
  • Country Fire Authority (CFA)
  • professionals
  • Reptile farm
  • Indigenous visitors.

Exploring and engaging with our local community with structured visits, we go to places such as traffic school, the local dentist (hygiene education and getting comfortable), the local library, local shops and playground.

Health and wellbeing

Our outdoor areas and garden are a foundation for our focus on developing healthy lifestyles:

  • We grow our own produce in our garden (e.g. herbs, vegetables, fruit)
  • We practise and emphasise food safety
  • We work sensitively with parents and families from a range of cultural backgrounds to ensure cultural foods meet food standard requirements
  • We educate children and their families about healthy eating and nutrition.

We participate in the Smiles 4 Miles education program with its emphasis on “drink well, eat well and clean well”.

Family and community

Join in, get involved! All families are welcome at our kindergarten. We encourage you to participate in your child’s early learning experience in whatever ways you can. We invite parents to:

  • Celebrate significant cultural festivals and days with us
  • Talk to the children about their job, hobbies or other interesting topics
  • Volunteer their time to provide support and resources for our programs
  • Assist with fundraising
  • Participate in our Parent Partnership Group. Positions are elected at the annual meeting of our kindergarten parents.

Special services

At Paynesville Kindergarten, our experienced educators work closely with professionals such as speech therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists to attend to every child’s unique needs. We also connect with local schools to ensure the transition to school is a smooth and natural progression.

Our educators are equipped with the skills to provide safe and nurturing environments to all children. They are experienced in working with children who live with a range of physical and intellectual disability or children who have experienced challenges and trauma.

Fee information

4 year old kindergarten

$395.00 per term

Group A: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9.15am - 2.15pm

Group B: Tuesday, Wednesday and alternative Thursday's 9.00am - 3.00pm

3 year old kindergarten

$395.00 per term

Group A: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9.15am - 2.15pm

Group B: Tuesday, Wednesday and alternative Thursday's 9.00am-3pm


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For more information or if you’d like to arrange a visit, please Get in touch or call us on 1800 183 103.

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Fill out an expression of interest form to find out more

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