Bruthen Uniting Early Learning

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Positioned on the edge of gorgeous Mount Elizabeth Nature Conservation Reserve, Bruthen Uniting Early Learning centre is situated together with Bruthen Boorai Children’s Centre, offering 3 and 4 year old kindergarten programs 2 days per week.

To showcase our facility we have created a 3-D Virtual Tour with a dollhouse view and a highlight reel.


At Bruthen Kindergarten, your child will learn, play, and explore within our renovated space. Whether they are climbing on the equipment, feeding the chickens, reading beneath the trees, or learning about nature in our dedicated garden, Bruthen Kindergarten provides a special learning experience for every child.

Our kindergarten features:

  • Planned and intentional indoor spaces
  • Large outdoor space
  • Sandpit
  • Mud pit
  • Trees and natural shade
  • Herb and vegetable gardening beds (e.g. vegetables, herbs)
  • Shade sail
  • Play area and climbing equipment
  • Swings
  • Recycling area to encourage sustainability and caring for the environment
  • Cubby house
  • Gross motor play equipment for activities such as climbing, skipping, throwing and catching
  • Chickens
  • Water tank

Learning Experiences

Our activities are centred around the children's interests, the environment, and exploring the world around us. They learn about recycling, water conservation, and everyday sustainable practices. With visitors from Museum Vic, the local shire and library, children are exposed to new people, experiences, and skills that will help them develop into broad thinkers and bright young community members.

Some of the activities children participate in include:

  • Recycling
  • Learning about water conservation
  • Excursions to the local school and shops
  • Guest visits from key community organisations

Health and wellbeing

We grow food and eat together as a community, and the children love it! Children learn about nutrition, looking after their bodies, and the social side of healthy living.

We do this by:

  • Growing our own produce (e.g. herbs, vegetables, fruit)
  • Catering to diverse dietary requirements
  • Practising and educating children on food safety
  • Ensuring cultural foods meet the standard requirements
  • Teaching children and their families about healthy eating and nutrition
  • Eating together to encourage socialisation and good table behaviour
  • Empowering children to indicate when they are hungry, so we can bring mealtime forward

Family and community

Our families are an integral part of our program. Their interests become a living part of our curriculum. We build relationships with every family, individually, so we can understand their perspectives and what they want for their children while they are under our care. Each month families can openly contribute to Kindergarten program discussions and feel involved in projects (like our recent playground redesign) or talk to us daily as they arrive at Bruthen Kindergarten.

We actively involve families and the community in the following ways:

  • Volunteering and fundraising opportunities
  • Visits to the local primary school as part of the transition to school
  • Trips to the local library to encourage the children's love of reading
  • Meeting with local service people (e.g. police, paramedic, nurse, fire and emergency services, etc.) and wellbeing practitioners
  • Connecting with indigenous community members or groups
  • Visiting farms and farmers


Wherever possible, we support the diverse cultures of our community. We can have all forms of communication translated for families who speak languages other than English.

Special services

Our educators are equipped with the skills to provide safe and nurturing environments to all children. They are trained in working with children who live with a range of physical and intellectual disability or who have experienced challenges and trauma.

Additionally, we receive the services of our Pre-school field officer, are allied with Gippsland Lakes Community Health, Scope and Early Childhood Intervention Services, and Aurora, school for the deaf.

Fee information

4 year old kindergarten

$395.00 per term

Monday and Wednesday 8.30am - 4pm

3 year old kindergarten

$395.00 per term

Monday and Wednesday 8.30am - 4pm


For interest in a kindergarten place for 2021 and for 2022, please complete the Uniting expression of interest form.

For a place in 2022, we send the letters of offer out to families including instructions for the next steps of enrolment and orientation dates.

For a place this year, we will be back in contact with you within a few days to discuss your care needs.

For more information or if you’d like to arrange a visit, please Get in touch or call us on 1800 183 103.

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