Alexander Thomson Uniting Kindergarten

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“I love bush kinder. I love to play outside and climb trees and jump into the hole. I love everything.”
- Skye, 4, 2018

Alexander Thomson Uniting Kindergarten is a welcoming and inclusive kindergarten located in the heart of Belmont, Geelong.

We operate with an ethos of caring and respect, reflecting the values of our unique community in Geelong’s southern suburbs. We are conveniently located near Belmont’s High Street next door to the church tennis courts, often used for fun activities.

To showcase our facility we have created a 3-D Virtual Tour with a dollhouse view and a highlight reel.


Our urban oasis is a creative environment where children can express themselves. We place a strong emphasis on outside activities such as climbing, sports, and gardening which improves children’s key developmental skills including coordination, balance, and posture. Our indoor and outdoor spaces are fully equipped to help children thrive in their early years of education.

Our kindergarten features:

  • Planned and intentional indoor spaces
  • Sandpit
  • Trees and natural shade
  • Gardening beds for vegetables and herbs
  • Shade sail
  • Play area with climbing equipment
  • Recycling area to encourage sustainability and caring for the environment
  • Gross motor play equipment for activities such as climbing, skipping, throwing and catching
  • Water tank.
Learning Experiences

We help children get in touch with nature. Our Bush Kinder sessions encourage children to care for the environment around them. We promote sustainable living and encourage children to develop everyday sustainable practises. Children at our centre foster a relationship of respect and stewardship for the environment through our key sustainability activities and initiatives.

Health and wellbeing

A healthy body equals a healthy mind. That’s why we strive to provide children with healthy, fresh and nutritious food sourced locally and from our very own fruit and vegetable garden. We understand the importance of healthy eating in children’s early development, and we work closely with families to educate them about healthy eating and nutrition.

Family and community

We understand the importance of family and community in developing children’s sense of belonging and connectivity. We encourage families to take an active role in our students’ early learning development. Through many channels and initiatives, parents can participate in everything from fundraising and social events to having their say through the Parent Advisory Committee.

Parents can participate when:

  • They volunteer their time to provide support and resources for our programs
  • They assist with fundraising
  • We have a Parent Partnership Group (positions are elected at the annual meeting of our kindergarten parents).
Fee information

4 year old kindergarten

$440 per term

Blue Group - Monday and Wednesday 8.30am -4.00pm

Green Group - Tuesday and Thursday 8.30am -4.00pm

Red Group - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8.15am -1.15pm

3 year old kindergarten

$146.50 per term (funded for 5 hrs)

Yellow Group - Thursday 9.00am - 2pm

Orange Group - Friday 9.15am - 2.15pm


For interest in a kindergarten place for 2020 or 2021, please complete the Uniting expression of interest form.

For a place this year, we will be in contact with you shortly.

For a place in 2021, we send the letters of offer out to families in August including instructions for the next steps of enrolment and orientation.

For more information or if you’d like to arrange a visit, please Get in touch or call us on 03 5243 1064.

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