Children display artistic flair.


February 6, 2020

Children from our Early Learning Centre in Kaniva have come up with a unique design for the town’s much-loved Sheep Art Project.

After many wonderful ideas were put forward by the children, including a tiger, pirate, superman and ballerina, it was decided to combine them all.

With help from families and local community members, the ideas were incorporated into one design and their sheep now has a prime position in the main street of Kaniva – to the pride of everyone from the Centre.

The Kaniva Sheep Art project started in 2010, when local artist Sharon Merrett had an idea that her hometown of Kaniva in Wimmera could embark on a community arts project to celebrate the town’s sheep history.

Model sheep were turned into forms of art and scattered around the country town.

In 2019, it was decided to expand the flock to create a ‘Sheep Art Trail.’

A further 18 sheep were added to the flock, with some existing sheep given a makeover.

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