Family day care

Family day care offers caring, flexible, highly-personalised education and support for children, within the comfort of an approved educator’s home.

Parents enjoy peace of mind with extended hours and in-home care, children in family day care benefit from small group sizes that foster individual attention and develop close, sustainable bonds with their educator.

Every child is closely supervised and cared for, thus encouraging individual development in a natural, carefree, nurturing home-learning environment.

Our professionally trained and qualified network of experienced carers and educators provide care and developmental activities tailored to the individual child’s need and interests.

Whilst family day care is primarily for children who have yet to start school, care is available for school children up to 12 years old. Care is flexible and can be tailored to suit each family's needs including care outside normal working hours and, if needed, overnight care by arrangement.

We have family day care and early learning centres across Victoria and Tasmania

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