Our Preschool Field Officer Program supports inclusion.

Funded through the Victorian Government this program equips eligible kindergartens with specialist teaching support.

The PSFO program guides the inclusion of all children in kindergarten, with a particular focus on children with additional needs and those experiencing vulnerabilities which may include .

  • Speech, language or communication difficulties
  • Delayed development
  • Challenging behaviours
  • Social or emotional difficulties
  • Diagnosed disabilities.



How it works

Preschool Field Officers

  • Observe children in their early learning setting which contributes to the teachers assessment of the child, this enables a collaborative approach.
  • Provide information, resources and referral pathways.
  • Support teachers with their programming and planning as needed.
  • Support teachers to work collaboratively with families and other services involved with the child and family.
  • Provides flexible service support that combines both onsite and remote service options.

For more information please see our service delivery presentation.


Eligibility for the PSFO Program

  • A child must be attending or about to start a funded kindergarten program.
  • The teacher and parent have identified areas in the child’s development that require additional support.

The program is also available to children who are receiving Early Start Kindergarten funding. This includes 3-year-old children of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background and children known to Child Protection.

The PSFO program is a free service to families and kindergartens.

Accessing the Preschool Field Officer Program

Download the REQUEST FOR SERVICE form.

  1. A teacher may make a request after discussing the options with the parents
  2. A parent may approach their child's teacher to initiate a request for service
  3. You can also contact the PSFO program in your region – see contact list below or download the contact list.

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PSFO qualifications and experience

Preschool Field Officers have:

  • A degree in early childhood education (some have higher qualifications)
  • A kindergarten teaching background
  • Specialist experience working with children with additional needs.

Uniting is the largest provider of the Preschool Field Officer Program in Victoria.


Our frameworks

The PSFO program aligns with the early years frameworks.

Department of Education and Training website

PSFO Guide from the Department of Education and Training

Belonging, Being and Becoming – The Early Years Framework for Australia

The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

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