Long day care

Busy families rely on us for caring, professional long day care designed to support their unique needs while nurturing their child’s early learning and developmental experience.

Our holistic long day care offers individual, tailor-made education and care to children between 0 to 6 years be they babies, toddlers or pre-schoolers. This focuses on the emotional, physical and psychological welfare and needs of every child in our care. Uniting creates supportive learning experiences that foster a child’s development and unlocks their boundless potential.

Whether it be before, during or after business hours, we provide a safe, secure, carefree environment for children to learn to play, grow and mingle. There is a wealth of diverse indoor and outdoor activities designed to help the most inquisitive child explore and have playful fun, or simply rest in quiet tranquillity.

Children have access to nutritious food in a healthy environment.

Our long day care centres provide all-day or part-time care for busy working families and offer developmental programs within their care programs. Your child’s needs are closely monitored and communication with parents is a priority.

We have long day care and early learning centres across Victoria and Tasmania

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