Children learn Mandarin at Pascoe Vale South Uniting Kindergarten

Uniting Early Learning provides engaging and tailored education programs that reflect the diversity in our communities.

We recently partnered with the Department of Education and FKA Children’s Services to produce a video for a series documenting "diversity in linguistic input fostering rich language outcomes.”

Each Monday, Pascoe Vale South Uniting Kindergarten runs a program where children learn Mandarin across a range of expressions, including auditory, visual and tactile. As the program manager Echo says, “exposing children to a diverse source of multiple speakers creates an optimal language learning environment.

“It’s really important for children to be able to speak a second language. It’s a lifelong skill.”

Teacher Tania adds: “The benefit of the program is the development of children’s confidence, their self-help skills and their ability to respond to their peers in a second language.”