St Andrews Uniting Church Kindergarten Fairfield

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St Andrews Uniting Church Kindergarten Fairfield offers 3 year old and 4 year old kindergarten programs from our centre next door to St Andrews Uniting Church, Fairfield. Children can attend the 3 year old kindergarten program for a 5 hour session or 2 x 2.5 hour sessions.

Our kindergarten offers a tailored early learning program based on the needs and interests of our children. Our experienced educators know each child’s development, strengths and interests so they can offer them a stimulating, challenging and engaging environment to explore, learn and build positive relationships with others.


At our purpose-built kindergarten, children play in a range of stimulating indoor and outdoor spaces that encourage them to explore and discover their environment. Our children get creative while playing with a variety of natural materials such as clay, paint, mud, water, sand, blocks and found objects. This helps them get in touch with nature and develop essential motor skills!

Our kindergarten features:

  • Planned and intentional indoor spaces
  • Newly renovated outdoor space
  • Sandpit
  • Mud pit
  • Indoor and outdoor plants
  • Trees and natural shade
  • Trickle stream
  • Gardening beds
  • Shade sail
  • Reading and drama space
  • Play area with climbing equipment
  • Recycling area to encourage sustainability and caring for the environment
  • Gross motor play equipment for activities such as climbing, skipping, throwing and catching
  • Worm farm

Learning Experiences

Sustainability and caring for the natural environment are a strong focus of our activities and approach. Children at our centre foster a relationship of respect and stewardship for the environment through key sustainability activities and initiatives.

Promoting sustainable living, we encourage children to develop everyday sustainable practices such as recycling and composting.

Children take exciting community excursions to the local primary school, library, post office and walks around our community. Visits to the local school assist with a smooth transition to primary school.

We love welcoming visitors to our centre and we host a number of fun incursions, including:

  • Regular sports program for ten weeks in a term
  • Gardening support from Bunnings Warehouse
  • Drama Toolbox

We display daily photos, portfolios and artwork that allow children to revisit their experiences, inviting families and communities to celebrate children's achievements.

Health and wellbeing

We have a strong focus on healthy eating and nutrition. We prepare meals on site from homegrown and local ingredients focusing on providing balanced nutrition, flavour and variety. Food safety and accommodating diverse dietary requirements is important to us.

  • We grow our own produce in our garden including herbs, vegetables, and fruit
  • We offer progressive snack and lunchtime to empower children to ask for what they want and when
  • We educate children and their families about healthy eating and nutrition

Family and community

Our professional educators work in partnership with children and families to create a supportive and positive learning environment. We encourage families and extended family members of children to be involved and participate in programs and activities. We organise social events for families to meet and socialise with each other and this also provides children with opportunities to grow friendships outside the kindergarten.

Parents often participate:

  • Celebrating significant cultural festivals and days with us
  • Talking to the children about their job, hobbies or other interesting topics
  • Volunteering their time to provide support and resources for our programs
  • Assisting with fundraising
  • Participating in our Parent Partnership Group (positions are elected at the annual meeting of our kindergarten parents)

Special services

All our staff members have regular first aid, asthma, and anaphylaxis training to meet the needs of the program and update their knowledge and skills about policies, regulations, and children’s specific requirements.

Our educators are equipped with the skills to provide safe and nurturing environments to all children. They are experts at working with children who live with a range of physical and intellectual disability and children who have experienced challenges and trauma.

Fee information

4 year old kindergarten

$500.00 per term

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8.30am - 1.30pm

3 year old kindergarten

$444.00 per term for 5hr session

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday 8.30am - 1.30pm


Registration forms for 4 year old kindergarten places in 2020 must be submitted via the Darebin Council which manages a centralised registration for funded 4 year old kindergarten.

For more information or if you’d like to arrange a visit,, please Get in touch or call us on 03 9481 1819.

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