Dala Lidj – Woolum Bellum Kindergarten

Not taking enrolments for 2021.

Dala Lidj Woolum Bellum Kindergarten has a strong connection with local indigenous culture and community. Our name roughly translates to “small child meeting place”.

We engage in many initiatives and activities to help children develop a sense of self and community. Every day we sing a welcome song in local Indigenous language. To help our children and their parents engage in the program, we provide a bus service to pick up and drop off children at their homes.


Our outdoor areas encourage children to be active and creative. We place a strong emphasis on outside activities such as gardening, climbing, and sports which improve children’s development. Our indoor and outdoor facilities provide imaginative spaces for every child to learn and thrive.

Our kindergarten features:

  • Planned and intentional indoor spaces
  • Large outdoor space
  • Sandpit
  • Trees and natural shade
  • Gardening beds for vegetables and herbs
  • Shade sails
  • Café blinds
  • Play area/climbing equipment
  • Swings
  • Bicycle track
  • Recycling area to encourage sustainability and caring for the environment
  • Gross motor play equipment for activities such as climbing, skipping, throwing and catching
  • Worm farm

Learning Experiences

We engage in lots of fun activities to satisfy your children’s inquiring minds! Children at Dala Lidj Woolum Bellum Kindergarten develop a relationship of appreciation and respect for the local environment and community through exciting activities and excursions.

Actively promoting sustainable living, children are encouraged to develop everyday sustainable practices such as recycling, composting and caring for our worm farm.

Bush walks around our town are one of the children’s favourite activities. We also like to receive visitors and special guests such members of the Country Fire Authority (CFA), the Police force and Bunnings Warehouse workshops.

Children at our kindergarten also participate in community health and wellbeing programs such as the Smiles 4 Miles program and Allied Health Speech program.

Health and wellbeing

We understand the importance of teaching healthy eating and nutrition to children from an early age. We work closely with children and families to help them develop good eating habits. A healthy body promotes a healthy mind!

At our kindergarten:

  • We grow our own produce in our garden including herbs, vegetables, and fruit
  • We practise and emphasise food safety
  • We work sensitively with parents and families from a range of cultural backgrounds to ensure cultural foods meet standard requirements
  • We offer progressive snack and lunchtime to empower children to ask for what they want and when
  • We educate children and their families about healthy eating and nutrition

Family and community

Dala Lidj Woolum Bellum Kindergarten has a strong connection with local indigenous culture and community. Teaching children the importance of community plays an important role in developing their feelings of belonging and security.

We encourage parents to take an active role in their children’s early development and participate in activities at our kindergarten. Parents often celebrate significant cultural festivals and days with us. We invite them to talk to the children about their job, hobbies and other interesting topics. They also volunteer their time to provide support and resources for our programs.

We receive support from a number of community organisations, including:

  • The Koorie Preschool Assistants program (KPSA)
  • Koorie Engagement Support Officers (KESOs)
  • Preschool Field Officer Program (PSFO)
  • Local schools
  • HIPPY Australia (supporting parents to prepare their children for school)
  • Latrobe Community Health
  • Other early childhood professionals

Various people, groups or services within our community we engage with include:

  • Primary schools
  • The local library
  • Wellbeing practitioners
  • Local service emergency service providers and medical professionals
Fee information

4 year old kindergarten

$395.00 per term

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9.30am - 2.30pm

3 year old kindergarten

$395.00 per term

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9.30am - 2.30pm


Please note that Dala Lidj - Woolum Bellum Kindergarten is not taking enrolments for 2021.

However for interest in a kindergarten place this year, please complete the Uniting expression of interest form and we will be back in contact with you within a few days to discuss your care needs.

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